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About Us

At Ergoteacher, we do what we do for the love of comfort. Our belief is that comfort is what binds us together, but we understand that comfortis more than a feeling – it’s a state of mind. It’s not just about cosy blankets or silky soft sheets – it’s about feeling content in your home and in your heart.

We’re committed to making you feel comfortable, because we believe that when we’re comfy, we’re the best versions of ourselves. With over 5 years’ experience, the team at Ergoteacher is well equipped to help you find the perfect pieces for your home. Whether you’re looking for bedding, bathroom accessories, furniture or décor, let us help you create a truly liveable space. Whatever comfort means to you, you’ll find it at Ergoteacher.

The Story Of Comfort

We seek it. We treasure it.
It’s never far from our thoughts.
You’ll find it in the closeness of a couple sitting
under a soft blanket on the couch.
You’ll see it in the sleeping faces of the kids,
snuggled deeply in their beds.

When we have it, we offer it to others.
It’s for sharing after all.

It’s that instant when you know that everything
is going to be alright – and actually already is.
Always appreciated, forever welcome; it’s a state of
being that genuinely describes what it is to be us.

Home is the canvas upon which we express
what comfort really means to us.

It’s where we truly make comfort our own.

Why do we believe so passionately in this simple,
humble idea? We believe because we know that
comfort is what binds us together. We believe because

it’s right to want the best for the people in your care.

We believe because we understand that when
we’re comfortable, we’re our truest and best selves.

We are Ergoteacher and we do what we do…
For the love of comfort.